How We Help

Use More Energy Efficient IT Resources


  • Traditional IT equipments generally generates more heats and use higher electricity voltages. With the advancement of IT, hardware for e.g. computer terminals has become smaller, but yet continues to perform at optimum capacity for businesses. Heat emission and electricity consumption are also considerably reduced.
  • Advantt helps to shift the terminal’s processing capability centrally, either on an in-house Server or an off-site Server (through Advantt's Cloud Services), thus saving the need to purchase bigger computer terminals just for that extra processing power, or even stacking up Servers within the Server room to have the different infrastructure services within the organization.
  • The initiative to co-locate processing centrally and reducing the hardware usage/ power consumption also helps to reduce cost considerably.


Reduce and Optimize IT Infrastructure

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  • Scalable and cost effective virtual machines have become a common trend to optimize organization’s hardware investment. By combining these cost-effective solutions with energy-efficient computer terminals, Advantt helps businesses to reap the benefits of having a total-cost effective solution.
  • This combination not only help to sustain IT operational costs moving forward (e.g. upfront Server hardware investment, high electricity costs), but also saves on software investment costs and optimize IT headcount resources and processes.
  • Indirectly, the end result contributes to a reduced carbon footprint for the organization, thus contributing to corporate social responsibility to make the environment greener and sustainable for our future generation.


Optimize and Reduce IT Operational Work

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  • Today’s organization continuously seek to optimize operational work, achieving maximum productivity using the least and most talented resources available.
  • To ensure this is achievable, Advantt helps to optimize IT operational work and processes, allowing available IT resources to focus more effort on using technology to help build-up business competencies and expansion.
  • Outsourcing IT operational task, cut-down on inefficient IT processes in the organization and improve tasks turnaround time are the key to an optimized workforce.


Contributes to a Greener Environment for the Next Generation

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  • Usage of IT equipment that has low on heat emission and electricity consumption, not only helps organization to reduce on electricity costs in the long run, but also indirectly reducing their carbon footprint that will help to contain the green-house effect.
  • Advantt, having a strong passion in corporate social responsibility continues, and always emphasize on crafting IT solutions for its Clients that helps to optimize business values through implementing green technologies.


Recycling for a Sustainable Future

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  • Recycling is a key component in modern waste reduction and it is the third component of the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” waste hierarchy. Recycling means processing used materials (waste) into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce energy usage, reduce air pollution (from incineration), water pollution (from landfilling) and lowers greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Technology companies (e.g. HP), are producing products that could be easily recycled, re-processed and re-produced for the consumer markets, for e.g. printer ink cartridges, and has facilities in the region to collect computer devices for recycling.
  • Advantt extends this recycling capability downstream at all its Clients’ engagement by sharing this key important message that could help contribute to a sustainable future.