On-Demand Cloud Services

Cloud Services or simply Cloud Computing is a category of computing solutions in which a technology and/ or service lets users to access computing resources on demand, as needed, whether the resources are physical or virtual, dedicated, or shared, and no matter how they are accessed via a direct connection, LAN, WAN, or the Internet. The Cloud is often characterized by self-service interfaces that let customers acquire resources when needed, and as long as needed. Cloud is also the concept behind an approach to build IT services that leverages the growing power of servers and virtualization technologies. 

cloud26Cloud computing importance rests in the Cloud's potential to save investment costs in infrastructure, to save time in application development and deployment, and to save resource allocation overhead. Advantt Cloud offers a range of services that you can use in cloud application development, business desktops outsourcing and records management services.

Based on an in-depth analysis of your business goals and requirements, Advantt can help you develop and execute a holistic cloud strategy, with tailored cloud services to your needs – migrating your existing systems and applications, deploying entirely new ones, or migrating all into our Advantt Cloud

Cloud delivery models enable new business and IT to standardize applications, infrastructure, testing environments and business processes to improve service delivery, while realizing new levels of efficiency.