Server and Storage Virtualization

cage blade serverWith virtualization, multiple applications and operating systems share resources on a single physical Server and/or storage device — significantly increasing utilization rates, and reducing power, cooling and space requirements. So, instead of several machines running at 20%, you can run them all on one machine at 80%. Most importantly, you reduce your IT costs by leaps and bounds, creating value for your business.

Advantt provides comprehensive virtualization services from concept to deployment. We work with you to build a flexible, yet durable, infrastructure to help you optimize your IT Infrastructure resources.

With virtualization solutions like Citrix XEN Server and VMWare, you can virtualize many physical Servers into a single machine, resulting in reduced IT hardware spend and operational costs. Many companies report electricity savings of up to 40% with Server virtualization. This savings is further compounded by savings also achieved as a result of reduced physical Server support requirements.

Want to do more "reduce, reuse, recycle" in your business? Server virtualization is the ultimate in green IT strategies, because you're taking older hardware out of service and installing a more energy-efficient alternative. Running multiple virtual Servers on a single Server makes the most of both hardware and software resources. It creates efficiencies for your data centre by redistributing resources dynamically among different virtual machines and platforms. So you optimize network resources, increase Server utilization, improve fault tolerance, and even reduce non-scheduled downtimes.


Business Values:

  • First important step towards improving overall IT efficiency
  • Reduces the complexity and management of disparate Servers
  • Reduce costs by increasing energy efficiency with Server consolidation
  • Enable business continuity through improved disaster recovery solutions and deliver high availability throughout the data centre
  • Virtualize enterprise applications, including Oracle, Exchange, SQL, SharePoint and SAP, and deliver the highest SLAs with top performance