IT Hardware Recycling Services

As part of Advantt’s effort to save the environment, being in the forefront of IT business, we know that many organizations keep computer hardware (e.g. desktops, laptops, printers, monitors, Servers, towers, UPS, modems, switches, keyboards, mouse, batteries, etc.) that is either obsolete or has malfunctioned. In recycling terms, these are called Electronic Waste or E-Waste. Majority of these peripherals are stacked up in store rooms which consumes huge amounts of floor space that could be used to keep new / current good stocks for support and contingency purposes, or used in an economically beneficial way if the floor spaces are being rented out.

recycleAs technology increases at an exponential rate, the e-waste of outdated and broken equipment begins to pile up, leading to potentially deadly waste problems. Therefore, it is important to properly dispose of e-waste in the most appropriate manner. Tossing them into the garbage tank is not the way, and in many cases, they end up at garbage and wastes landfills. Much of this e-waste contains significant quantities of non-biodegradable toxic substances. Computers, Servers, and other IT hardware contain mercury, lead, barium, arsenic, antimony, and cadmium. Flat-panel light displays contain mercury and CRT monitors contain lead.

When e-waste finds its way into landfills, such toxic metals seep out and contaminates the soil and water, causing health problems and polluting the atmosphere. Incinerating e-waste produces volatilized heavy metals that could cause an even more significant public health hazard.

Understanding the impact of these health threats to humanity, Advantt has included E-Waste Recycling service as part of corporate social responsibility to help its Clients to dispose of e-waste as much as possible in an appropriate manner. Doing so also indirectly helps our Clients to contribute to a “Greener” environment and an effort towards corporate social responsibility.